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11 Reasons to Use a Hydrating Facial Mask on a Regular Basis

A deep hydrating mask can be very beneficial when used on a regular basis.  Younger looking skin is the overall benefit, but there are 11 different things that contribute.  Those are the 11 reasons that make the use of a hydrating mask worthwhile. 

Womens - Hydrating Mask

*Reason 1. If you suffer from flaking or excessive dryness, you need a good emollient.  Emollients are what provide the moisturizing benefits of lotions and creams.  Dicaprylyl Carbonate, also known as Cetiol CC, is a vegetable emollient that is particularly beneficial for flaky skin.  How to Heal Flaky Dry Facial Skin

*Reason 2. Certain parts of your face may have a tendency to be rough, not as soft as the rest.  To soften the rough spots, a passion flower extract called Passiflora Incarnata or Cegesoft PFO works best. How to Soften Rough Spots on Your Face

*Reason 3. Daily cleansing or exposure to the sun and wind reduces the skin’s sebum content.  The skin’s sebum is a natural protectant against wrinkles.  It is an omega-3 fatty acid complex.  Replenishing the skin’s sebum content is possible with a good hydrating mask.  One that contains Hexyldecanol/Hexyldecyl Laurate, aka Cetiol PGL, is a good choice, because the fatty acid complex is nearly identical to human sebum.  How to Restore Moisture to Your Skin

*Reason 4. A good mask can stimulate skin growth, which is something that normally slows down with age.  The benefit of stimulating skin growth is provided by allantoin, a natural derivative from beets and comfrey root. How to Treat Skin Inflammation

*Reason 5. If your skin is damage, you need the healing benefits of manuka honey.  It is recognized in the US and other countries as a medical device for its usefulness in treating burns and other wounds. How to Rejuvenate Damaged Skin

*Reason 6. In order to provide any benefits, especially to prevent premature skin aging, the active ingredients must be able to penetrate into the skin.  If they just sit on top, they won’t do anything.  They must be mixed with an excipient in order to penetrate.  An excipient is a compound that is easily absorbed easily by the skin’s cells and layers.  Manufacturers mix it with the active ingredients in order to ensure that you get all of the benefits possible.  Macadamia oil is an excellent all-natural excipient.  How to Prevent Premature Aging Skin
*Reason 7. To prevent and repair free radical damage, one of the main causes of cellular aging, the skin needs vitamin A, D, E and other antioxidants, but if the antioxidants are too concentrated or delivered in an unnatural form, they can cause redness and itching when applied directly.  How to Prevent Free Radical Skin Damage

Research has shown that avocado oil, which contains vitamin A, D, E and other antioxidants, provides the benefits of preventing and repairing free radical damage without causing redness or itching. How to Prevent Free Radical Skin Damage

*Reason 8. Seeing a little sagging around your neckline?  There are many compounds that help to improve the skin’s firmness and reduce saggingRIGIN is one of the most beneficial for firming up sagging necklines.  How to Firm Up Loose Sagging Neck Skin?

*Reason 9.  For avoiding allergic reactions to artificial preservatives, while still being sure that the oils and extracts in a product have not become rancid, look for alpha-tocopherol (vitamin E) on the label of ingredients.  It is an effective, all natural preservative. How to Prevent Fine Lines, Wrinkles & Skin Spots

*Reason 10. Replenishing the skin’s coenzyme Q10 content is important for all of us.  The sun strips away the important antioxidant and that leads to wrinkles.  Nano-lipobelle contains a coenzyme Q10 formula that will penetrate through the skin.  So, it can be applied directly.  How to Prevent Skin Wrinkles

*Reason 11. To reverse brown age spots naturally or prevent them from forming, we need to stimulate the skin’s own antioxidant production.  Xtend TK has been shown in studies to cause an increase in superoxide dismutase and glutathione, two potent skin antioxidants.  How to Prevent & Reverse Brown Age Spots on Your Hands, Face & Arms

You might only want one or two of these benefits right now, but as time goes by, all of them will become important to you.  Using an age defying hydrating mask that contains all of the beneficial ingredients mentioned here will help to ensure that you continue to look your best at all times.

If you have started to see some of the signs of aging, these ingredients can work together to reverse them as long as the manufacturer provides exactly the right formulation.

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